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Congratulations! By finding this web page you have located one of the central keys to your own personal spirituality. A Truth considered at times so dangerous that, throughout history, many people have been killed for simply knowing the message, yet it is written indelibly on each of our hearts if we but look. Ready for the big revelation you already know? Here we go...
YOU ARE, IN FACT, composed of 100% GOD, and not just a separate creation. Through the unfolding of the Great Mystery, we are somehow each the nexus of the entire Universe. Deep in your spirit you already know this to be true, but your rediscovery of this knowledge has been carefully hidden from you by those in power who would rather have you serve them under the yoke of ignorance.

Many Christians are very uncomfortable with this concept, even though the Bible speaks quite directly concerning this revelation in several places, often straight from the mouth of Jesus. This page is not intended to be an in depth Bible study on the subject, but here's 3 quick examples:

"I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High. "
(Psalms 82:6)
"Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?"

(John 10:34)

"Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you."
(Luke 17:21)

Many people find this to be totally new information, having been conditioned by their church to think of themselves as lesser beings who are somehow unworthy to even contact God directly without the church's assistance and guidance.
This "I'm unworthy" way of thinking - and not just from Christians - has held much of mankind in chains for thousands of years in a very effective reign of fear. By keeping you afraid and in ignorance of your own Divinity, you and your ancestors have been very easy to control and manipulate through the generations.
But time is growing VERY short. The Earth, our universal mother, is being raped and pillaged by those who are devising their power-plays out of sheer fear and ignorance of our common Divinity. If allowed to continue unchecked, this path may soon lead to the end of life on this planet as we know it. To prevent such an apocalyptic occurrence, we must - ALL OF US - re-awaken the blessed awareness of our Divine Birthright and realize our total connection to each other (and all things). For the alternative is to continue to treat the planet as something to be conquered and we will surely perish from such foolishness.
It was while meditating over this need for a planetary epiphany that there came to me a vision of a document that would state clearly each spirit's role in this never ending saga. Thus was created the DECLARATION OF DIVINITY, a certificate to remind each of us that we have a Divine Birthright and with it comes certain responsibilities. You can view and print out the DECLARATION OF DIVINITY here (Adobe PDF file) . This document in no way affiliates you with this church. It is simply a recognition of the grassroots Truth underlying EVERY spirituality, regardless of where you go to fill your cup.
It may seem a simple thing, printing out a piece of paper and signing it. But by doing so you will be acknowledging and energizing a spiritual circuit you may have never even tapped into before. You will be taking the first step toward reclaiming your own Divine Birthright which has been, until now, hidden from you.
Never underestimate the power of like minds simply beholding a new spiritual awareness. Each of us is a spiritual flame that, when relit, brings brighter light to cast aside the shadows of spiritual ignorance for the others.
I am by far not the only one bearing this message, nor is it a new one. Creator has opened the awareness of many people of many faiths and instructed them to become a becon for this Truth of Divine Birthright. One by one this awareness will spread until the momentum will sweep the planet. Global epiphany has happened before. Pray that it happens again... The children of Earth depend on it!
Please think on these things. You are the spark that makes all the difference. In the words of Elder SilverCloud, go to your sacred place and ask Creator to "Open My Eyes That I May See."
May your life be showered with many Blessings!

- Reverend Steven Cox
  Voice of Golden Eagle




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