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I can remember being in quest of universal truth since I was 12 years old, searching dusty books in the local library for common threads of wisdom within the various living religions. My study was driven throughout my adult years by a growing dissatisfaction with the ready made answers handed down by the various churches that I fellowshipped with, even after becoming a dedicated member in a couple of instances. Regardless of where I searched, no matter my degree of dedication and commitment, it all felt hollow. I continually found myself wanting more food for the soul than their teachings could give me. After a period of disillusionment and personal darkness, a simple truth emerged from my Cherokee heritage to cast the shadows aside; I was seeking from men that which can only come directly from Spirit.

Armed with this revelation, I found a sacred spot for meditation and reflection. With each Dawn I approached Creator directly and sought illumination and guidance within my own heart. I found more than I could ever have dreamed... My spirit began to take flight and hasn't yet landed!
My eyes gradually became more open to the reality of our spiritual oneness.  I found that this awareness was shared by others close by (and worldwide), regardless of their religious and cultural background. The energizing process of approaching Creator directly frees the spirit of all man made chains and preconceptions. If a Truth is universal, all will find IT regardless of the path they use to get there. The map matters not so much as the altimeter.
Does our spiritual message have value for you? Only you can decide. In my attempts to be a conduit for Universal Truth as it has been revealed to me, I offer the teachings as their own best evidence and suggest that you let your heart be your guide. If even some of what you hear rings true to your spirit, then I am honored to have you take from these teachings that which is of value for you.

Something brought you here today to this site.  That same something led me to make these insights I've gathered along the way available to you. That something is what we are here to explore.

Please feel free always to contribute insights of your own for discussion.  We're all ultimately on the same path, and we all have a unique perspective with something to teach.
May your life be showered with many Blessings!

- Reverend Steven Cox
  Voice of Golden Eagle


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- Spiritual Statements (What I believe)
  by Reverend Steve Cox

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- Immutable Spirit  2:44
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- Ultimate Destiny 5:32
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- Elemental Questions 4:05
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- One of Those Days 2:00
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- True Power  3:22
  Message from the late Elder Silvercloud
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- Reflection Music - Vol1  33:07
  Music for Meditation & Prayer
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- Open My Eyes  3:12
  With special guest Elder Silvercloud
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- Something To Believe  3:35
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- Everything You See  3:48
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- I Hear The Calling  3:23
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- Amazing Grace  2:19
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